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Photo-A-Day 2015 | Day 6

Photo-A-Day 2015 | Day 6 | 5:24pm

Today they started like angels. Polite, but put on thick they wanted to be good they knew I had a full on day, and that they just had to come along for the ride.

By midday that was shredded, but I appreciated the manners and courtesy displayed at the start of the day, so I chose to focus on the good points they had raked up.

Come afternoon they were in the full on war mode! Sienna (the youngest) was at full throttle stirrer mode. She’s very good at it too! I was over it, but just getting the job done and letting them fight it out in the pool.

After packing up and coming inside I saw them chilling out together, I said nothing. I soaked it up, sighed, and quickly snapped this. I treasure this image, I adore that in the end there’s love and that they are there for each other. A mother’s dream! I love them more than I could’ve ever imagined.

Thank you for dropping by xxx Jodes

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