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#stand with me the movie

Samantha Fletcher and I are hosting the first Australian screening of #Standwithme the movie on Wednesday 2nd of April 2014.

BUY YOUR TICKET HERE: , there is also a trailer to watch on the link

All proceeds from this movie will go directly to help the children. Thank you to Lightspace Brisbane for the amazingly generous donation of their uber function space and to Epic Empire for the kind and generous donation of the chairs.

A little about the movie presentation of #standwithme

After seeing a photo of two enslaved boys in Nepal, Vivienne Harr (a 9 year old girl) is moved to help in the only way she knows how: by setting up her lemonade stand. With the goal of freeing 500 children from a life of slavery, she sets up her stand every day, rain or shine. As Vivienne’s vision begins to show promise for something greater, her community stands with her — and she develops her own Social Purpose Company. In telling Vivienne’s story, #standwithme examines the realities of modern-day slavery, the role we play in it as consumers, and the importance of knowing the story behind what we buy.

BOOK YOUR TICKET TODAY $20 – 7pm to 9pm

Thank you so much and we hope you can join us.

xxx  Jodes and Sam xxx

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photo a day 2014 – day 28

Day Twenty Eight

School’s back so were the nerves, tears, hugs and one very cool cucumber. The later was the younger one, the former was the eldest. One showing her heart to the world, so open and raw, the other feeling very similar but externally she’s one cool cat. I’m not sure what’s easier to cope with, but I adore that they are so very different. The most important thing for me was at the end of the school day there were smiles and happy hearts. Success, day one down!

Post school hugs with the good old faithful pup pup. He comes to school everyday in the car and waits there till home time pick up.

Jody Ryan Photography

Thanks for dropping by xxx Jodes

Jen - Two such different cherubs – that’ll keep you on your toes…..and create wonderful memories.

photo a day 2014 – day 27

Day Twenty Seven

The last day of school holidays and I’m feeling sad to see them both go off to school tomorrow, however happy for what they will learn, discover and how they will grow. To celebrate we capped of the day with a bike ride. Our summer of 2013/2014 has many wonderful memories, but bike rides were the dominant thing for Keira and I this summer. Knowing these years are fleeting, I just soaked it up, every glorious second.

Thank you for dropping by xxx Jodes

Jody Ryan Photography

Jen - I love rides with my girl too. I’m really not ready for holidays to finish. Not at all x

Judy - Love this photo, looks like a great place to go bike riding! I need to sus out some good places to take the kids and their bikes around Brisbane :)

photo a day 2014 – day 24 & 25

Day Twenty Four and Twenty Five

Ekk running behind, both photos were taken on their respective day, however only processed and popped up today. Happy Australia day xxx See you tonight for todays photo. Thanks for dropping by xx Jodes

Jody Ryan Photography

Day 24

Jody Ryan Photography

Day 25

Taken on my iphone. I did do a series on my ‘big’ camera but this one took my heart. It captured our relaxed morning full of laughter so well. The girls dressed their Daddy up with a wig and a full face of makeup. (he’s such a good sport). It just captures them how they are right now. Full of cheek, a healthy dose of mischief and a whole heap of personality. Sienna said to me mummy I want to be in the movies, ‘like in front, on the screen’. I said my darling you would be an amazing actress. Wait tomorrow she’ll want to be a vet again.

Jen - They are so different yet both so perfect….love the honesty you capture x

Judy - Such Beautiful light in the first photo!

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