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Photo a day 2014 – Day 21

Day Twenty One

What a doozy day 21 was! Lots of running around that only some of you might possibly understand, others will think I’m bonkers, maybe I am and, others might possibly look on and just say why would you? What’s the fuss? I say that because unless you have a little person in your life that is so excited about getting older you might not know why I would drive across town 3 times to buy the same balloon Three times (it’s an hour round trip 3 three times – plus 20 mins in the shop – I know CRAZY). Really it was a comedy of errors! But birthday are kind of a big think in our house. Very big!

Its become a tradition the girls have adopted on their birthday for the last few years to have a gigantic balloon that is the number they are turning. Much chatter revolves around the balloon, what colour, what pattern, what string colour, crazy but it’s just one of the little things that they love to do. So on the eve of her 7th Birthday we ventured out with a lot of excitement to collect her birthday balloon. The first ballon met it’s fate by being set free as a bird by a gust of wind ripping it straight off of the string. (Bless the whales, I hope we are far enough inland that it won’t kill an marine or bird life) Needless to say both children burst into tears, screams of horror – real tears too not fake tears. I tied to calm them both as my heart broke and thought fix this, my mind was saying, what are you kidding …how….what just happened. I don’t have time for this now. So common sense prevailed and we all got back in the car for the 2nd time – lets not bore you any further, the second was my error, it popped on our fence as I carried it from the car into the house. What, I know, what are the chances.  By the last trip to the shop for the lady took pity and gave us the third balloon for free. Making everyone happy. It’s now safe in her bedroom.

Really the things we do for our children. Like I said, others will think I’m crazy, some might do the same, but I dare say only a person who has little ones, and not all, will understand why.

Thank you for hanging in there and listening to me rambling on about our day, well the last crazy part of the day. Big hugs for dropping by. xxx Jodes

PS this is Sienna with her 3rd balloon taken in the car park at 6.15pm tonight. The shop was closing as we walked in. A BIG THANK YOU to the balloon lady!

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  • Jen - I totally get it and would do exactly the same. Your girls will never forget <3ReplyCancel

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