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I have so enjoyed this project and out of all my 30 day challenges this one I will do annually. It was so lovely x Thanks for dropping by Jodes XXX

Click on main picture to start the gallery. A few of these photos were taken on my iphone – days 1 and 27 – not that it matters as it’s about recording our life, our girls, and not about the technical side at all.

Day 31

Opps I missed a few days. The missed days will be in the main gallery, which I’ll post tomorrow. Today there is more than one photo. With school going back the emotional roller coaster is running fast. This really is what it’s like with my girls – the whole nine yards!


Thank you for dropping by x Jodes

Day Twenty Eight

School’s back so were the nerves, tears, hugs and one very cool cucumber. The later was the younger one, the former was the eldest. One showing her heart to the world, so open and raw, the other feeling very similar but externally she’s one cool cat. I’m not sure what’s easier to cope with, but I adore that they are so very different. The most important thing for me was at the end of the school day there were smiles and happy hearts. Success, day one down!

Post school hugs with the good old faithful pup pup. He comes to school everyday in the car and waits there till home time pick up.

Jody Ryan Photography

Thanks for dropping by xxx Jodes

  • Jen - Two such different cherubs – that’ll keep you on your toes…..and create wonderful memories.ReplyCancel

Day Twenty Seven

The last day of school holidays and I’m feeling sad to see them both go off to school tomorrow, however happy for what they will learn, discover and how they will grow. To celebrate we capped of the day with a bike ride. Our summer of 2013/2014 has many wonderful memories, but bike rides were the dominant thing for Keira and I this summer. Knowing these years are fleeting, I just soaked it up, every glorious second.

Thank you for dropping by xxx Jodes

Jody Ryan Photography

  • Jen - I love rides with my girl too. I’m really not ready for holidays to finish. Not at all xReplyCancel

  • Judy - Love this photo, looks like a great place to go bike riding! I need to sus out some good places to take the kids and their bikes around Brisbane :)ReplyCancel

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