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photo a day 2014 – day 4

Day Four

I’m so very thankful for the family we have. Jamie is my husband’s cousin, he lives in Northern NSW on a slice of paradise. Where six generations of his family have lived and farmed, it so feels like our home away from home. So warm and welcoming the kids just light up when we go there. Jamie helped Keira reel in her first fish for the trip – a cat fish – much to her delight the fish went straight back in after this photo. Sienna too caught a catfish and 2 Brim – they all went back in to swim for another day. Mind you she would’ve eaten hers, Keira not so much. Thanks you for stopping by x Jodes

Jody Ryan Photography

Jen - Priceless….

photo a day 2014 – day 3

Day Three

My sweet pea is growing up so fast it stuns me sometimes, I cherish these days together, knowing they are not forever. Whilst helping little sis once again master her bike she cheered her on, hung upside down, ran around, rode her bike and generally had fun. We’re off to Yamba so I’ll be posting these late when we get back.

Thank you for stopping by X Jodes

Jody Ryan Photography

PS you might be wondering why no photos of little sis on her bike – I’ll just say this she yells at me ‘mum go away with that camera’ I may have a sneaky video though.

This is Keira week 1 of my 52 project

photo a day 2014 – day 1

For a few years now I have done different photo a day projects, mainly with a theme for each day. This year I wanted to do something a little more meaningful, and capture my family every day for the month. I find the more I focus on my clients and their beautiful families the less I seem to capture my own children. With having lots of quality time during the holidays I’m planning on documenting our time together.

Day One

Our youngest is mastering her push bike by finally dropping the training wheels, whilst learning to stop and cruise on her own Keira found this tree to climb. She’s part princess part tom boy. I’m so very thankful for school holidays and time spent with my munchkins.

Jody Ryan Photography

Thanks for stopping by please feel free to leave me a message or share my post. X Jodes

KylieDunlop - I can just imagine this being blown up and on her bedroom wall. Absolutely stunning!!! Kx

Vanessa - Beautiful image! This sounds like a great project. Looking forward to seeing your lovely images!

Jen - Beautiful work Jody… usual you capture the essence of your subject! x

Judy - Beautiful photo!

Welcome 2014 May you be bright

I love the beginning of a New Year for so many reasons, too many to list but hey here are a few:  It’s summer time and that means lazy days with my family, time to explore, time to get off of the treadmill and recalibrate with what’s really important, but one of the main things I really adore is the unexplained energy that comes with this time of the year. Wiping the slate clean is such a wonderful feeling. I say bring it on 2014, I love you already! 2013 was pretty rocking for our family, however some of my dearest friends did not have such an amazing year (it was plain devastating), so for them I pray that this year is their year. May 2014 bring you all happiness, love, the magic that makes your tummy flip with the excitement of what’s possible. With love xxx Jodes

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