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10 on 10 December

Welcome back to my poor old neglected blog. No excuses given, none needed! The good thing is I’m back. I’ve been shooting and editing like crazy, which means I haven’t done a scrap of Christmas shopping yet – ok I lie maybe 3 gifts – ‘three’  crikey (only because I can’t swear here). I need to pull my finger out.

Today I actually shot on the 10th, yippee and it was our day minus my 5 hours editing. OK so lets not go there as I have about another 3 sessions to edit and one more to shoot before my holidays start.

December for us is about tradition, family and spending time with the people you love. We kick of the 1st of the month with an advent calendar that the girls have had since my eldest was 18 mths old. The excitement of who’s opening the box and what inside it. Honestly it’s just so adorable to watch everyday.

The girls also found out their new classes and teachers for 2014 and a sigh of relief as they are very happy indeed! The afternoon called for a celebratory swim and treats, if only is wasn’t so blustery and overcast. I love, love, love that the homework has stopped and life is winding down, that school lunches will be a thing of the past for the next 6 weeks, and that PJ days are back, yes that’s right on the occasion we’ve been know to stay in our PJ’s all day. I love it!

I need to say that the last 3 photos my eldest directed me to shoot this way, ‘then please put them on the internet mummy’ she asked before trotting off to bed – Believe me she will check in the morning.

We have a special Christmas shoot planned so this is not good bye for 2013, just a thank you for dropping back, I appreciate you popping by, don’t go away just yet follow on to the uber talented Robyn over in Toronto, Canada to see how her Christmas is shaping up. To have one of those fresh Christmas tress would be devine!

Enjoy your day, Please feel free to say Hi in the comments. Love xxx Jodes

Jody Ryan Photography

Jane D - Love the last 3 – cross between Halloween and Christmas!

Kylie D - Yay! You are back!!!! Your Christmas lights are awesome! I hope you and your family have an amazing Chrissy and hopefully we will catch up (in person) in 2014. Kx

Tamsin - Great photos, I wish I was eating popsicles and swimming outdoors right now. Here in Ontario we do have a gorgeous blanket of snow but it’s chilly out.

10 on 10 May 2013

10 on 10 May is a little tardy to say the least, but hey who’s making up the rules anyway!

A this point in May we were full on into or renovation of Mona’s house, so I packed up for a week and went to Bali with the best gals on the planet. That’s what you do when you’re renovating isn’t it? Crazy, I know, but it had been planned for much longer than the reno. So off off and away I went.  This was our day, and the beginning of the festival of forty! We left our beautiful villa in Seminyak and headed over to the beach resort Karma Kandara for the day. It was heaven on earth!

Back in our Villa’s – the people of Bali are just wonderful. This was my 3rd trip there and each time I fall a little more in love with the place.

Please drop by the talented Alison Bell to continue on our little circle of 10 on 10. A very big thank you for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see you back here soon. xxx Jodes

PS I forgot to mention how wonderful my hubby is for juggling everything so I could escape to paradise with my wonderful girlfriends. Truth be told he needs it far more than me. Forever grateful!

Kylie d - So worth the wait to see these images… Makes me want to go there right now. Kx

Lisa Jay - Lucky lady!! Looks sooo nice!

10 on 10 August 2013

Well after a long and fruitful break I’m back blogging. This year has been crazy busy, wonderfully so! I didn’t really have space for social media and my poor blog has been neglected, not to worry I’ll get you up to speed on what we’ve been up to in the next week/month. I’ve got some catching up to do in the blogging sphere that’s for sure!

Today was the first day I’ve really had a chance to relax and spend quality time with the girls. Its been a hectic few months of renovating, packing, moving, unpacking, photo shoots. Life has been crazy, exhausting, uplifting, stressful, and magnificent all in one, well I guess that’s just life – it’s the journey! So to get back to it, here is our day: how beautiful it was relaxing, visiting the local markets, meeting Daddy for Sushi, chopstick lesson and all:)followed by an impromptu play date. Aren’t they often the best!

Thank you so much for stopping by, don’t forget to drop by and check out Kylie’s 10 on 10. She’s an uber talented Sydney based family photographer xxx  I hope you have a wonderful day xxx Jodes

Tamara - Thank you for sharing your day. It reminds of how precious and special living in the moment really is. Capturing it is art. xx

Abigail - These are lovely Jody! Hope you are settling well in your new home. Xx

Melissa Mills - Lovely lovely Jodes. I’ve decided I want your girls and your house, they are equally gorgeous!!!

melissa - Jody! I LOVE these! The images of your little girls bedroom are amazing! I love how you have captured the details! Love them all! xox

alison - Do I spy windows down to the floor?! Beautiful!

Kylie D - Love your girls, love your day you had together, love how you captured it all so perfectly!!! Kx

10 on 10 April 2013

Welcome to my slightly tardy 10 on 10 post for April, it’s only 4 days behind but who’s counting. Not me as we’re renovating and I think that is a good enough reason  ;)

This month has been fantastic, and whilst I adore school holidays, and spending time with our beautiful girls, I’m so thankful they are going back to school tomorrow. I will rarely say this last statement as i know the days can be long, but boy are the years way too short for my liking. They have looked at way too many vanities, toilets, kitchens, etc, etc for my liking. Fun mixed with work. Every day I scattered in something for them and something for their new home. They have scrapped up glue from the gorgeous wooden floors, helped clean and gotten way to bored for a 5 and 7 year old!  We ended our holiday with a short stay with dear friends down at the Gold Coast. No house renovating, just time with family and friends  It poured with rain but we had fun. Thankfully this morning on our last morning down at the beach the sun shone!  :) For that I’m so thankful  xxx It was quick but so worth while. These photos were taken on our little outing this morning xxx Mainly featuring Sienna to balance out for March featuring mostly Keira  ;)

Thank you for dropping by, and to those wonderful friends that have helped me this past two week with the kids - play-dates, last minute calls for help, renovating angels and helping hands. I’m so grateful, you rock and I love you for your support!

Please make sure you check out our talented group of women in our circle, you can see  Ardelle’s post over on her blog xxx I know I’ve said this before but I will find time to blog again this week. Enjoy your night, all my love xxxx Jodes

10 on 10 project April 2013

Diana Nazareth - Jody, these are well worth the wait. I especially love the first four images. They make me long for a summer holiday. I love your work!

Sarah - Wow…Love them all, can’t even pick a favorite. I’m so jealous of where you live too!

Ardelle - Jody this series is awesome, love them all! Gosh the gold coast looks beautiful.

Vanessa - Beautiful images Jody!

Lisa Jay - These are so lovely Jody! Love the beach pic with all the silhouettes.

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