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Welcome February (Hooray) and may it be better than my January 2012. After 2011 being such a high for me, 2012 started black and stayed that way for far too long. To be honest I’m not 100% back to me, but I am trying to find where it all went wrong. Maybe after such a high it is natural to feel down or low, but when on paper life should be grand and your left wondering where’s the sunshine gone in my day? You know something needs to change. At the beginning of January 2012, I started my 3rd Photo Challenge, the previous two I have done with enthusiasm and excitement, however this one felt like a chore and when faced with Day 15. Happiness I drew a blank and was left to face the reality of why? I just didn’t feel happiness in my life. Sure I could’ve taken a picture and popped it up continuing on, but that’s not me. I like to take photos of things, people, places that make my heart sing, but I just couldn’t. I really should’ve felt happiness oozing from my every pore. But I didn’t! I made a long list of why I should feel happy, to make myself feel happy, but inside to be so honest it hurts I was very grey. Popped up by a veneer of external happiness I soldiered on. Today the 1st February I’m feeling better, I’m not 100% me but I’m on the road back. Sometimes you just have to solider on. I hope you enjoy The Complete {unfinished} Gallery of my 3rd Challenge XXX May your day be filled with light even at the darkest of hour XXX Jody


my 1st challenge back in June 2011                                        my 2nd challenge back in September

PS : A very special thank you and with ♥ to the friends that have listened, helped and been there for me. I’m very grateful for your love xxxx

PSS: A special thanks to Chantelle over at for the January photo a day challenge X

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